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    Siding vs Painting: Three Questions To Answer Before You Decide

Siding vs Painting: Three Questions To Answer Before You Decide

Siding vs. Painting? Our customers often ask us for a recommendation on whether they should continue painting their home or switch to maintenance free siding. Of course, it depends on different factors. Most people look at the cost of […]

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    Benefits of Adding an Enclosed 3 Season or 4 Season Room in Iowa

Benefits of Adding an Enclosed 3 Season or 4 Season Room in Iowa

For Eastern Iowans who enjoy outdoor living, some winters are worse than others. Overall, thought, if you love outdoor living, winter seems to last forever. As a result, homeowners in the Cedar Rapids-Iowa City corridor often want more than […]

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Get The Party Started with an Above Ground Pool Deck

Well, summer is here for real now along with its heat, humidity and the blazing sun. These are the days we longed for in the depths of the long, hard Iowa winter. Funny, our back yards still don’t look […]

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Outdoor Living Trends

Outdoor living spaces are becoming one of the most popular home renovation projects. From custom-built fire pits to full outdoor kitchens, backyard retreats are quickly becoming the hottest trend in home remodeling.

Creating professional outdoor spaces isn’t just popular with current homeowners […]

Entrance Doors: Fiberglass or Steel

We expect so much from our entrance door. We want it to have a nice design that makes a good first impression. Yet, it needs to be durable to withstand the sun, rain, wind and other harsh weather elements, and keep […]

Importance of Siding Insulation – More Than Meets The Eye

If you need to replace or repair your siding, remember that new home siding isn’t just about the appearance of your home. Siding insulation, that component no one ever sees, is critical to the durability and effectiveness a home’s […]

DIY Window Replacement – Should You or Shouldn’t You?

Some people look at the cost of window replacement projects and say, “If only I could knock down those installation costs by installing the windows myself. After all, how hard could DIY window replacement be?” We generally recommend people look […]

Benefits of Installing a Pergola

If you’re looking into installing an outdoor living structures there are many options available including attached pergolas, freestanding pergolas, and garden arbors. We also have operable pergolas – the latest in pergola technology for those interested in controlling the amount of […]

Summer Deck Designs for Shade

During the heat of summer in the Midwest the best way to enjoy your home’s outdoor space is in a shady spot with a breeze. If your back yard or deck design doesn’t offer enough shade, you probably aren’t getting […]

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Major Home Improvement Projects: Who Should You Hire?

In most cases, professional home improvement contractors – the kind that offer service after the sale and guaranty their workmanship – are the safest bet for major home improvement projects. After all, larger home improvement projects with big price […]