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One of the best ways for you to add style and function to your home is by upgrading your exterior doors. Whether you want to install an entirely new front door system, get replacement doors, or freshen up your patio area with elegant French doors, Home Town Restyling can provide exactly the look and feel that you want.

As Eastern Iowa’s trusted home remodeling contractor, we have many types of exterior doors available for installation. Our exterior door contractors in Iowa can help you find a quality door system that suits the style of your home.

Signs it may be time for new doors:

  • Difficulty opening and closing exterior doors due to threshold problems.
  • Loose hinges and fasteners that start to wear on the integrity of the frame.
  • Home “settling” that causes door jambs, wall plates, and floors to become misaligned.
  • Poor insulation in and around the door slab and door frame.
  • Damage caused by normal wear and tear or accident.
  • Broken tracks that make your sliding doors function poorly.

Reasons to get a replacement door

  • To secure your home – Exterior doors secure your home. They keep trespassers, outdoor debris, and even unwanted noise out of your home. If your current door is made of a thin and weak material, it won’t be able to block these elements. You need good, sturdy fixtures, like custom doors, to properly prevent them from entering your home.
  • To improve your home’s energy efficiency – A secure custom door can help you maintain your home’s internal environment. This will prevent your HVAC system from working harder to keep the indoor space at your desired temperature and improve its energy efficiency. You’ll be able to save money on your power bills.
  • To reduce maintenance costs – Installing a high-quality door will help you reduce maintenance costs. Your door won’t end up warping easily if it’s made of robust material like steel, and you won’t have to keep having it repaired.

Get in touch with Home Town Restyling in Eastern Iowa to get new doors for your house. Our staff will help you schedule the installation date with our door installer team. You can also ask for a free quote for any remodeling project you may have in mind. We serve the Eastern Iowa communities or anywhere within a 40-mile radius of Cedar Rapids, IA or Iowa City, IA.


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