Room Addition

Deck, Kitchen and Laundry Room Addition

Initially, the homeowners visited HTR in order to obtain an addition of a deck onto their home, but what had started out as a small project quickly evolved into something much larger. With the house being located on a lake, the owners decided that enclosing the deck with a screen would be advantageous in keeping the bugs at bay. That being said, they didn’t want the screens to obscure their beautiful view. Keeping this in mind, screens with the capability of being rolled up and down were installed to allow them to use the screens when wanted. As the project progressed, they determined that they wanted to update their small outdated kitchen as well. The homeowners wanted the kitchen to conform to the size of their house along with making it an open concept for better accessibility when interacting with the family. As we discussed the additional project of updating the kitchen, again they established that they wanted the bar and laundry room to be renovated so that they would match when the present project was complete. In order to do said requests, walls were removed, doors relocated, and the orientation of the bar was reworked to better aid in the creation of the new design. When designing the kitchen, we created a very large island capable of seating eight. The island was also adorned with a 42” sink, two faucets, two dishwashers, two trash cabinets, and a plethora of storage on the back side. In addition to said accessories, the island was also equipped with under counter lighting and USB ports to creating a charging station. When it came to the conversion of the laundry room, it became a multi-functional space. Not only did it contain the washer and the dryer, but it also housed a coffee area, an office/printing station, an area for pet food and other assorted items, and a large pantry. As the bar was added to the design, the layout to the kitchen was reworked so that we were able to add drawer refrigerators, a wine refrigerator, storage and seating was able to be implemented as it was something that they did not have previously. Additionally, the main floor bathroom was also updated during this project. After some paint and new flooring, this once dated home was able to gain a fresh new feel for the whole family to enjoy.


(updated January 2021)

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