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The siding on your house is the first layer that protects your home from various elements. It is also the first thing people see when they look at your property. This is why it’s important that you choose reliable siding contractors to install quality siding in your home.

If installed by a professional siding installer, new siding will not only improve the curb appeal of your home but will also increase your property’s value. If you need home siding contractors in Iowa, reach out to us at Home Town Restyling!

Home Town Restyling’s high-performance, maintenance-free siding is truly where beauty and function meet… for a lifetime. Our siding offers many exceptional benefits that ordinary ones can’t match. You will appreciate not only the beauty it brings to your home’s exterior but also its energy efficiency, high durability, and low-maintenance qualities.

Our siding is designed to appear like wood in every detail. It captures the deep, luxurious shadow lines of natural wood in the classing 4-1/2″ clapboard and Dutch lap profiles. Two surface textures—natural oak grain and a smooth, planed surface—each feature a warm, low-gloss finish. A multitude of beautiful colors, including deep, rich shades, are available to express your personal style. Realistic shadow lines add dimension and depth, defining the individual siding courses with an emphasis that is deep, bold, and beautiful.

Home Town Restyling’s siding also provides superior wind resistance protection thanks to its ultra-thick, rolled edge nail hem. In independent tests, our maintenance-free siding withstood wind the equivalent of a Category 5 hurricane.

With our variable length siding, we can choose panel lengths that best suit the architecture of your home and minimize siding overlaps throughout the exterior. Your home will have a markedly superior finished look, with beautifully uniform walls and elegant shadow lines.

Ordinary siding over flat underlayment provides virtually no support or thermal benefit. This incomplete wall system is vulnerable to denting, bowing, sagging, noise penetration, and air movement. At Home Town Restyling, our home siding contractors in Iowa install an insulation-backed siding—a completely engineered wall system that dramatically increases energy efficiency and offers intrinsic protection against sagging, hail damage, wind, noise, and mishaps. Each insulated panel is individually molded to fit the siding like a glove. This unique manufacturing process ensures that the insulation completely fills the hollow space between the wall sheathing and the siding, delivering superior impact resistance and energy efficiency. Its ship-lap profile creates a complete weather seal all the way around each panel. As a result, your siding will wrap your home in a blanket of comfort and energy efficiency.

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How will you know when to replace your siding?

  • Change in personal preference and aesthetic desires.
  • Holes and cracks in the siding.
  • Uneven fade patterns.
  • Warped panels that cause a “wavy” effect.
  • Obvious seams and gaps between planks.
  • Exposed, rusty or missing nails.
  • Mold, rot or water stains on interior drywall indicating moisture damage from the outside.

To learn more about the signs to replace your siding, you can read our blog.

Improve your home’s curbside appeal with new siding and custom windows to match. Contact Home Town Restyling for high-quality siding installation in Eastern Iowa. We also serve those within the 40-mile radius of Cedar Rapids, IA and Iowa City, IA. As a trusted home remodeling contractor in Eastern Iowa, we also offer services such as home siding repair, installation of sunroom systems, exterior doors, and more!


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