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Vinyl Windows in Eastern Iowa

If you’re looking for affordable, low maintenance and energy efficient replacement windows in Iowa, vinyl windows are a great option. Home Town Restyling offers high quality vinyl windows of all kinds and for any use in your home or business.

Vinyl windows have been the standard in the industry for years, as people don’t want to be stripping and staining wood that has been damaged by condensation. Vinyl offers a great looking, low maintenance alternative to wood windows.

Whether you are changing out an older bow or bay window, building a sunroom, putting in a new patio door or just need new windows throughout to save money on your energy bills, you will find great options for vinyl replacement windows right here in Eastern Iowa at Home Town Restyling.

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Why choose vinyl?

  • Vinyl windows reduce energy costs by keeping heat in during Iowa’s frigid winter months and out during the scorching summer months.
  • Vinyl windows are nearly 100 percent scratch-free, and the only required maintenance is to wash them, which manufacturers have made increasingly easier over the years.
  • Vinyl is less expensive than other window materials, but this doesn’t mean vinyl windows are low quality. Vinyl is durable because it doesn’t rot, rust or corrode.
  • Vinyl windows have many color, size, and style options. They can also be custom-made.
  • Vinyl is versatile, so you can get almost any sort of window available on the market, from patio doors and bay windows, to casement windows and double hung.

Signs It’s Time for a Window Replacement

  • High Utility Bills – One indicator that your windows are damaged is an unusually high power bill. A cracked window will often prevent your home from being properly insulated, so your HVAC has to work harder to maintain the internal temperate.
  • Excess Window Condensation – If you often see condensation between the window panes, it may mean the frame, glass, or seal is damaged. It could also indicate that the glazing on your windows is fading.
  • Water Damage – Extreme weather can result in water damage for aging windows. If you see any mold or chipping, it may be time for a window replacement as these cannot be repaired.
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